Have you given expert testimony?

Yes, we have provided expert testimony and 100’s of expert reports internationally in countries such as USA, Australia & Hong Kong just to name a few. If you wish to know more please contact us.

My case is also in another country, are you able to help?

Yes, we provide services globally and are well known for our consultant and investigative assistance in complex cases in USA, UK & Hong Kong just to name a few.

Where do I begin?

It is understandable you may be nervous, anxious or even embarrassed. To assist in calming your nerves and to get you in the right frame of mind, we like to start with a free 30 minutes no obligation consultation. This time also allows you to ask as many questions as you like and it will also give us the opportunity to fully understand what is going on and how we may be able to assist.

Do I have to meet with you in person?

No, the majority of our clients we have never met in person and all initial communication has been either via telephone, Skype, email or a chosen mobile device APP.

What happens if I want to engage your services?

Once you have had your initial free consultation and you wish to engage our services, we will send you a service proposal and our standard terms of service contract. The service proposal will outline various details about your case and objective, the service that we will be providing, proposed fees and retainer as well as the details as to your assigned investigative specialist. A case file will also be opened on our secure Investigation Management System to which you will also be given access.

Will I need to pay a retainer before you start the investigation?

Yes, the retainer (fixed price) will be disclosed and discussed during the initial consultation and will also be outlined in our service proposal. Our billing structure is very clear and transparent and you will also be able to monitor this via our secure Investigation Management System (IMS). Payments can be made by direct deposit / EFT payment and PayPal.

What happens if the actual fees end up being less than the retainer?

Any monies remaining upon completion of our investigation will be refunded to you.

Are you licensed?

Yes, given that we provide expert witness services as well as other professional services, we ensure that we hold the relevant licences regardless. If you wish to know more or would like clarification about this topic. Please contact us.

Can you guarantee the result I want?

Unfortunately no, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any investigation; however, we can guarantee that we will be Honest and upfront with you and that we will do all that we professionally can to meet your objective.

Can your report be used in court?

Yes, our reports can definitely be used in legal proceedings and courts. If there is a specific requirement we can discuss this with you or vice versa and we can also accommodate for any legal jurisdiction on an international scale, if required.