If you’ve got a digital or an investigative problem – whether you’re a victim of online harassment, you need help gathering evidence, or you need to recover lost data – no matter what your issue, we can help.

Welcome to our catalogue of Investigative solutions. Below are summaries of all of the services we offer.

Click the service you’re interested in to learn more about it – and contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation, to find out if it’s right for your specific circumstance.

NOTE: We do provide other services not listed, so please contact us to discuss your problem so that we can best serve you.

Online Investigation Services

Online Investigations

From fake social media accounts to full-scale dark web investigations, we’ll help you identify attackers and log their actions.

Online Intelligence Investigation Services

Intelligence Investigations

The information is out there if you know how to find it. We’ll get you the data you need on businesses, individuals, or online personas.

Online Defamation wolrd wide

Online Defamation

We all believe in free speech, but speech that harms your business or wellbeing is against the law. If someone’s crossed that line, we’ll stop them.

Harassment Investigations

Harassment Investigations

Bullying, stalking, and harassment happens online and in the real world. We’ll get you the evidence you need to put it to a stop.

Online Criminal Defence Investigation Service

Criminal Investigations

Decades of experience in the criminal justice system means we have the skills you need to make your investigation a success.

Online Reputation Management Services

Reputation Management

Your online reputation can be managed and manipulated in many ways. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re presenting your best self.

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

A deleted file is not always a disappeared file. If you need to recover deleted, wiped, or formatted files, get help today.

Online Business Digital Monitoring

Track and Trace

Monitor, track, and trace online accounts, emails, and businesses. We’ll help you keep a record of activity and/or find its source.

International Trademark & IP Investigation Services Sydney

Trademark and IP Investigations

Your intellectual property (IP) is an important, valuable asset and should be vigilantly guarded. Click to see our IP Investigation services.

Online Privacy Check Up

Cyberlutions® PrivyCheck™

Don’t be a victim of identity theft. A proprietary solution, PrivyCheck gives you a big picture view of your vulnerability and potential privacy concerns.