Rick Falkvinge, founder of the original pirate party and head of privacy at PrivateInternetAccess.com, joins us to discuss his recent article, “Today, the FBI becomes the enemy of every computer user and every IT security professional worldwide.” We dissect the new “Rule 41” that gives American law enforcement unprecedented leeway to break into any computer in the world, the implications this has for a world in which privacy is increasingly a thing of the past, and what people can do to protect themselves from the New Online Order of global FBI operations.

NOTE FROM RICK REGARDING INTERVIEW: “Our Russian servers were not encrypted as I said, but they contained no logs by design (none of our servers do, which is far better than encrypting), so the Russian authorities didn’t get anything.”

Things we need to do:

  1. Protect your Data in transmission
    • Encrypt your email
    • Encrypt your browser
    • Use HTTPS everywhere chrome or firefox
    • Use lets Encrypt
    • Use Tor
    • Use a VPN
    • Make sure you do not send data in clear text
    • Have good data hygiene
  2. Protect your Data in storage
  3. Protect your Sensors
    • Disconnect sensors and be sensitive to sensors around you (web camera’s, phones and devices)

Video Source: Corbertt Report