Harassment Investigations – Feel safe online again!

The internet is an amazing place – but it only takes one incident to turn it into a nightmare.

When you or someone you love is being stalked, harassed, or bullied via social media, email, phone, or even in person, it can be hard to know where to turn – or even where to start.

You need help from a harassment investigator who’s seen this before and can put a stop to it, time and time again.

Incredible work. Was a sensitive matter and Duane worked very hard for me to complete the task. He not only does incredible work but also is really easy to communicate with and is very understanding. I would suggest him to anyone looking for a great investigator and great guy. Thanks again Duane!!!

Kailua Kona, USA

Our online harassment services will give you:

  • All of the evidence you need to put this behind you, for good.
  • The relief of knowing that your case is in good hands, backed by decades of experience.
  • Get the support you deserve and need.

We’ll use our cutting-edge online harassment investigation tools to identify your attacker, collect evidence against them, and help you bring them to justice. And we’ll be here to listen to you, help you decide how to proceed, and offer you support every step of the way.

In short: you’ll have us by your side, from initial investigation to final verdict.

Online Harassment Investigation

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