Online Defamation – Protect your reputation!

Is someone spreading rumours about you online?

Once something’s on the internet, it spreads fast – and it can feel like it’s impossible to control. But it isn’t. Let us help you stop it.

Excellent service from Cyberlutions. Professional and Expert in what they have done for me in such a very short time frame.

Vince - USA

Our online defamation services will help you:

  • Gather hard evidence against your attacker – before it’s gone.
  • Find out who’s behind your defamation and put a stop to their abuse.
  • Get your sanity, and your reputation, back.

But you’ve got to act quickly. Information on the internet can disappear just as fast as it appears – and when the evidence is gone, it’s too late.

Whether you have proof and want more information, or need defamatory evidence to build your case – we can help.

Online Defamation Australia

From fake social media profiles, to nasty comments, to leaked videos – we’ve defused it all. Your case is in good hands, with decades of experience.

Don’t let someone else’s actions leave your reputation in tatters. Book your free consultation, or call us on 1800 889 713, today.