So there I was, laying on the lounge scrolling through my phone deleting APP’s and searching for new APP’s that would help me speed up my day to day tasks, make my Instagram pictures have that extra dazzle and an APP that would give me that edge on winning the lotto!! 🙂

Anyway, I came across a calendar APP that would sync several APPs as well as provide alerts and help with the organizing and sending of meeting invites. A meeting invite could be sent whilst being able to allow the person to choose from several dates and times, the selected time and date would then be synced with my calendar which would then subsequently alert me to this meeting.

Sounds kinda kewl??? Read On……..

Worried About Privacy?? Maybe its Time to Review Your APP's

“Transmit anything you type” it stated

“including things you have previously typed with this keyboard” it stated; then

“This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address”!!!!

With that my eyes opened and my mouth dropped!! Yes I know, my job is within the realms of the Cyber and Criminal world, but just stop and think for one minute!!!!

Our biggest concern as an individual, and possibly as a family is “PRIVACY” and how our data is managed and or protected when it comes to companies and our Government.

Though one would say that there are many issues with how companies and our Government’s manage, store and attempt to protect our individual data, the onus also comes back on us!! Yes that is correct, YOU and ME!!!

When you pick an APP on your mobile device or download software onto your computer, DO you actually read the Disclosures and or about what happens with your personal information AS WELL as what happens when you use the APP and or Software??? Not many of us do, and in some cases we are either so busy or time pore that we “couldn’t care less”.

With technology running rampant and thousands of APP’s and programs being invented and available on the market to assist with our day to day tasks, gaming, and so much more. We all forget that with these APP’s and software downloads, comes data transfer, collection and monitoring to say the least.

Our lives are so busy dealing with work, family issues, running kids to school not to mention everything else we are involved in from a day to day prospective, that we overlook what we are downloading onto our devices or computers!!

I am not going to bore you with a long written sermon, but just wanted to spark some awareness and or give a reminder that we all have to be more VIGILANT when it comes to device APP’s and computer software downloads not to mention other topics such as email scams, email phishing, romance scams and the list goes on.

Please be more careful and vigilant online and with your devices!!! Also feel free to reach out to us here at Cyberlutions® either via our online chat, via email or call us on 1800 889 713

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