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It makes sense. You want to be sure you’re only dealing with the best. You want to know—with complete confidence—that when you bring in a team to investigate a crime (real-world or internet-based), they’re a team that knows what they’re doing. And that’s exactly why victims of online abuse, attacks, and harassment come here, to Cyberlutions®.

How we help.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to help a wide range of victims. Whether they’re large companies, government departments, small firms, investigation specialists, or private individuals; we take each case personally and tailor our approach to your unique situation.

Our investigations have:

  • Shut down multi-million dollar, law-breaking companies;
  • Identified suspects involved in illicit online activities;
  • Provided key evidence in prosecutions; and even
  • Led to the loss of government contracts with offending businesses.

In fact, It’s not often we face an investigative problem that we can’t solve. Here, your issue will be taken seriously. We’ll work quickly, help you assess your options, and make sure you understand exactly how the investigation process works. You’re never left in the dark, you’re never promised impossible results, and you’re never laughed out of the room.

Because you deserve a professional approach. You deserve the best approach. And you deserve answers. Let’s talk about your issue and make sure we’re the right firm for you.

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It’s OK. We understand if you’re still on the fence about bringing in an investigation firm like us. However, as you get closer to making a decision, please check this section before getting in touch.

Naturally, as the world’s #1 online investigation and criminal specialists, we receive a lot of requests from potential clients. In order to offer personalized, tailor-made investigations to all our current clients, it’s necessary that we manage our workload.

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We currently have a few limited openings for new clients.
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Meet your investigator.

Duane Mandel Sr runs this place; he’ll be the one overseeing your investigation and making sure that everything possible is done to bring it to a swift, successful conclusion.

A seasoned veteran of the criminal investigation world, Duane has worked for over two decades (22 years and counting), tracking and catching criminals and digital attackers across the globe. He’s worked on everything from massive international investigations to small, personal issues amongst spouses and partners.

No matter what kind of investigation you need performed, Duane has the tools, ability, and experience necessary to make sure it’s done right.

Get help now, before it’s too late.

Investigations, especially in the digital world, are extremely time-sensitive. The earlier we start, the more likely we are to have a successful conclusion. That’s just a fact.