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No matter how serious your investigation, it’s crucially important that you act as soon as possible.

Evidence can be wiped away at the push of a button, social media profiles can be taken down in a couple of clicks.

To make your investigation a success, get in touch with us today so we can find you the information you need while it still exists.

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Whether you’re a victim of online harassment, defamation, or need investigative help on a criminal case… we’re here to help.

We know, it may not be easy to identify your attackers or gather evidence, but we’ve proved—time and again—that we’re prepared to do everything it takes to ensure justice is served.

Call it our commitment to service. Call it our commitment to our customers. Call it whatever you like, but know that this dedication is why, when governments, businesses, and individuals like you need hard evidence and support they come here, to Cyberlutions®.

Over the years, our investigations have:

  • Shut down multi-million dollar, law-breaking companies;
  • Identified suspects involved in illicit online activities;
  • Provided key evidence in prosecutions; and even
  • Led to the loss of government contracts with offending businesses.

Get in touch today, before the evidence disappears, and we’ll get you everything you need to make an airtight case.