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Online Defamation can be devastating. If someone is spreading malicious rumours about you, your company, or someone you love, it’s time to take action right away.

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When you bring in Cyberlutions, you’re hiring a team of expert digital forensic specialists eager to help you fight back anyone who’s attacking you by spreading lies, rumours, and misinformation. We’ll help by…

Listening to you, uncritically and without judgement while we put together a strategy and examine possible options.
Gathering hard evidence and preserve it, ensuring your attacker can’t cover their tracks later.
Uncovering the identity (and in some cases location) of your attacker(s) and helping you build a case.
Supporting you as your rebuild your reputation, undo damage, and reclaim your sanity.

Online defamation can seriously impact your personal and professional lives. No matter whether it’s a jilted lover, angry coworker, or overzealous online reviewer… you deserve a fighting chance.

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